Premium LED kit (Aero-Cones sold separately)

Premium LED kit (Aero-Cones sold separately)


Premium LED's are unique, Super bright, look amazing in dawn or dusk settings. The Ultraviolet LED's react with other neon colors around it. Our Green TPU soft mount in the sample photo is glowing purely from the Ultraviolet light interaction. Works Best with Violet, Clear, and Green Aero-Cones. Our Rainbow Flashing LED's randomly cycle through colors and give a wild night time show in the sky. It really must be seen to appreciate how awesome these LED's look. Other pilots need to see you in a race as you pass them. Show them whose boss with the DamFastFPV LED kit paired with DamFastFPV Aero-Cones. Use any +5v pad to power LED's. Use provided resistor or damage may occur to LED's. 4 LED's current draw: 60 milliamps Weight: 1 gram 

LED color 1
LED color 2
  • Includes:

    4 Pre-wired LED's + 1 spare LED

    1 Resistor

    2 pcs 3" 30Ga silicone wire

    2 pcs clear heat shrink