DamFastFPV "Lil Yeet" 120mm

DamFastFPV "Lil Yeet" 120mm is big brother to our 108mm "Toothpick" frame. 3mm thick carbon fiber with arms that are a full 5.5mm wide at the attachment point to the frame body. Then, slim down to provide that super thin arm profile that DamFastFPV frames are known for. Two identical arms stack together giving a 3mm height offset from the front to the rear motors. This unique feature allows the rear props to be located slightly higher then the front, allowing less turbulent air to reach the rear props. Less turbulence=smooth flight.A thicker frame allows for a super narrow arm profile that reduces overall drag. Noticeable gains in top speed and flight times were achieved as well as improved propwash handling. Includes: 2pcs = 1 "Lil Yeet" Frame + hardware pack.Weight: Frame only=8.1grams Motor Mounting: Accepts 3 and 4 hole motors with 9mm mounting pattern. 110X, 1204, 1303 brushless motors.FC/Stack hole pattern: Accepts 16X16 and standard 25.4mm AIO whoop boards like Crazybee, GepRC 12amp, BetaFPV 12amp, BetaFPV 20amp, NamelessRC toothpick

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