DamFastFPV LED kit (Aero-Cones sold separately)

DamFastFPV LED kit (Aero-Cones sold separately)


Super bright, looks amazing in dawn or dusk settings. Other pilots need to see you in a race as you pass them. Show them whose boss with the DamFastFPV LED kit paired with DamFastFPV Aero-Cones. Use any +5v pad to power LED's. Use provided resistor or damage may occur to LED's. 4 LED's current draw: 60 milliamps Weight: 1 gram

LED color 1
LED color 2
  • Includes

    4 Pre-wired LED's + 1 spare LED 1 Resistor 2 pcs 3" 28Ga silicone wire 2 pcs heat shrink

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